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Acid-Base & CO2 Balance Clinical Practice A
ACLS Primer Adult Acute Care A
Adult Cardiopulmonary Case Presentations Clinical Practice E J
Adult History & Physical Examination Clinical Practice D
Advanced Assessment Techniques in Critical Care Adult Acute Care F
Alternative Approaches to Asthma Management Clinical Practice A
APRV Adult Acute Care F
ARDS/ALI Clinical Practice C H
Assessment of Oxygenation Clinical Practice A
Assessment of the Neonate Neonatal-Pediatric A D
Assessment of the Pediatric Patient Neonatal-Pediatric D
Bioterrorist Threats: Sources, Recognition, & Safety Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness A
Child Abuse: Clinical, Ethical, & Legal Issues Ethics F
Classification & Management of Asthma Clinical Practice A
Common Rapid Response Team Interventions Adult Acute Care C I
Congenital Heart Disease Adult Acute Care G
COVID-19 Part 2 Treatment Patient Safety D I
Current Cardiovascular Pharmacology Adult Acute Care E J
Current Issues in Airway Pharmacology Clinical Practice G
Difficult Airway Management Adult Acute Care A
Driving Pressure: Out With the Old, In With the New Adult Acute Care D I
ECG Monitoring Clinical Practice B H
Emergency Preparedness for Mass Casualty Events Patient Safety E I
Ethical & Legal Issues: Medical Devices Ethics D G J
Ethical Issues: Diverse Patient Groups Ethics B F I
Ethics: End-of-Life Issues Ethics A C E H
Evidence-Based Practice: What are the Ethics? Ethics A D G J
Fetal Growth & Development Neonatal-Pediatric F
General Anesthesia Agents Adult Acute Care B H
Hemodynamic Monitoring Adult Acute Care F
Hemoglobin Abnormalities Clinical Practice Daily
High Frequency Jet Ventilation Neonatal-Pediatric D J
High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation Neonatal-Pediatric G
Human Trafficking Awareness Training Ethics B F I
Hypo/Hyperbaric Conditions Clinical Practice F
Independent Lung Ventilation Adult Acute Care C H
Infection Control for Respiratory Care Patient Safety B H
Instructional Skills for Clinical Practice Education C H
Interpretation of the Chest Radiograph Clinical Practice B
Key Concepts in Management of ARDS Adult Acute Care G
Lung Clearance Techniques Clinical Practice D I
Lung Protective Strategies Adult Acute Care B
Management of Neonatal Patients Neonatal-Pediatric G
Mechanical Circulatory Support Adult Acute Care F
Medical Laboratory Assessment Clinical Practice G J
Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation Neonatal-Pediatric C G
Neonatal Pulmonary Conditions Neonatal-Pediatric C G
Neuromuscular Conditions Clinical Practice E J
Noninvasive Ventilation Sleep Medicine D I
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sleep Medicine E J
Occlusion Pressure: Are You Listening to Your Mechanically Ventilated Patients? Adult Acute Care F
PALS Primer Neonatal-Pediatric D I
Pandemic Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness C H
Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Case Presentations Neonatal-Pediatric C G
Perinatal Monitoring Neonatal-Pediatric D I
Preventing Medical Errors Part One Patient Safety E J
Preventing Medical Errors Part Two: Devices Patient Safety F J
Preventing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Patient Safety B H
Pulmonary Function Testing Part One Pulmonary Function A E
Pulmonary Function Testing Part Two Pulmonary Function A
Pulmonary Rehab Part One Pulmonary Function B
Pulmonary Rehab Part Two Pulmonary Function B
Pulmonary Vascular Disease Clinical Practice B
Respiratory Care for the Geriatric Patient Clinical Practice C H
Respiratory Therapeutics for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Adult Acute Care E J
Selected Pediatric Conditions Neonatal-Pediatric F J
Shock, Fluid, & Buffer Therapy Clinical Practice E I
Tracheostomy Devices & Management Clinical Practice C H
Troubleshooting Airway Graphics & Loops Adult Acute Care C G
Upper Airway Obstruction Clinical Practice E J
Vaccines: History, Science, Ethics Ethics B E H
Ventilator Modes & Controls Adult Acute Care C H
Weaning Adults from Mechanical Ventilation Adult Acute Care F