Self-Directed Courses

Self-Directed (also known as non-traditional) courses are accepted by all state boards for a portion or all of an RT's CEU requirements. See our State CE Requirements page and click on your state if you are unsure how many of these courses you are allowed to submit for license renewal. Click here for our FAQ.

Each Self-Directed course is available to take 24/7 (they never close). To begin a course, click on the course name. When the course page loads, click on Start This Lesson next to Lesson 1. Each course has a post-test that must be passed with a score of at least 70%.

We currently have 15 hours of Self-Directed CEUs approved for you to take (a total of 11 courses). We will add more Self-Directed courses in the future. Check back often!

If you have already purchased the course or have an Annual CEU Subscription (unlimited CEUs), just click on the course name to begin. No additional payment is required.

Have you already purchased courses, but now want to upgrade to Unlimited CEUs? No problem. Send us a message and we'll give you a coupon worth the amount you've already paid within the last 30 days - plus an extra $10!

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