NBRC RRT Exam Review Courses

TMC/CSE Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a focused video-based training experience aimed at equipping participants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel at the NBRC TMC & CSE (computer simulation exam).

Come along with Joe Lewis, MSRC, RRT, Respiratory Coach, as he guides you through a thorough respiratory review, shares effective test-taking strategies, explores information gathering, decision-making skills, and evaluates scenarios in these 65 video modules.

Features Lifetime Access

Purchase Options: 

Bundle: $149

TMC Only: $99

Simulation Only: $79


Respiratory Review Workshop

To excel in NBRC-style exams, it's crucial not just to grasp the content but also to master the exam techniques. With more than four decades of expertise, Respiratory Review Workshops is adept at readying students for this task. Led by Gary Persing, BSRC, RRT, our program will steer you toward becoming a proficient exam taker.

Our comprehensive learning system is structured around exam-oriented learning, featuring a practice exam and an extensive bank of over 800 questions. Additionally, we offer 20 clinical simulations and 8 hours of in-depth audio explanations to aid your preparation.

6-month access with free renewal option

Purchase Options: 

Complete: $267 (includes Respiratory Care Exam Review book, 5th Edition)

TMC Only: $125 (200 NBRC-style questions with audio)

Simulation Only: $142 (includes Respiratory Care Exam Review book, 5th Edition)

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