1.  Register and check your email to activate your account. We have noticed that Hotmail sometimes destroys our registration email; you don't receive it, and it does not bounce back to us. We suggest using a different account like Yahoo.com or you can contact us and we will manually activate your account.
  2.  Using the button in the top right corner, log in to your account. At this point, we recommend all new students click "CEUs > Discounts" at the top of their screen. Here you can choose from different packages and see our special offers. We offer an Unlimited CEU package for $129 (save $10 off your initial purchase!), multiple 12 hour packages for $85, and topic bundles for $16 that make it easy for you to get your necessary CEUs. You can also access our free course from the Discounts page.
  3.  Choose either "CEUs > Live" or "CEUs > Self Directed" from the Main Menu at the top of your screen, then select your course. You may click on any of the topic categories to see those specific courses (e.g. Medical Errors / Patient Safety, Infection Control, Ethics).
  4.  To take a live course, select "Live Course List" from the main menu at the top of the page. When using tile view, on the Live Courses page you may filter for a sub-category (e.g. SELECT CATEGORY > Patient Safety).
  5.  Whether you are taking live or self directed courses, at this point, you may choose a course. You can also click the link that states "Click here to view as tiles" if you would prefer to view all of the courses as a tiles.
    1. If you have not yet purchased the course, you will see an orange "Take This Course" button below the blue course information bar at the top of the page. Click this button to purchase and enroll in the course. Once you return to the course, you will be able to click on the first lesson to begin.
    2. If you have purchased that course or enrolled in an all access pass, you will see a white "Not Started" button. If you see the "Not Started" button, you may begin the course now (as long as it is during course hours) by clicking on the first lesson.
  6.  When taking recorded with live credit courses, on each lesson page there is a timer that indicates the amount of time it will take you to complete the lesson. Once the timer reaches zero, the "Mark Complete" button will become available. Select this button and it will take you to the next lesson. Alternatively you can click the next lesson on the right side of the page to move on. There is not a timer for self-directed lessons.
  7.  If you have any questions regarding content, you may email the course instructor by clicking on the "Contact Course Teacher" button on the top right side of the page.
  8.  Self-Directed courses require passing a post-test with a score of 80% or greater.
  9. Once you have completed all the material, the last lesson is a course evaluation. The evaluation has a 3-step submission process. Fill out the information then click "Submit". Now click "Mark Complete", just like you did for the other lessons.
  10.  Once you have completed all lessons, you will receive your certificate immediately. You may reprint certificates by going to Enrolled Courses, clicking on the course title, and then clicking on "Print Your Certificate!".
  11.  Over the years, we have received many requests from people wanting to know what courses they have taken, the date they completed them, and the total hours they have. If at any point you want to see a list of all the courses you have taken (Name, Course, Completion Date, Number of Hours and total hours for this calendar year), you can click on "Completion Report" on the Resources menu at the top and follow the instructions. Note: You cannot access your certificates from this page. It is simply a convenient way for you to get your information.