1.  We recommend everyone click the menu item CEUs > Discounts. Here you can choose from different packages and see our special offers. We offer an Unlimited CEUs package (Annual CEU Subscription) for $129 (save $10 off your initial purchase!), multiple 12 hour packages for $85, and topic bundles for $16 that make it easy for you to get your necessary CEUs. You can also access our free course from the Discounts page. You may obtain other discounts on our Real-Time Live Broadcast page (our Interactive Webinars). There's also no need to register first - that's done automatically when you check out!
  2.  To purchase individual courses, choose either CEUs > Live CEUs (recorded with live credit) or CEUs > Real-Time Live Broadcast (available only on certain days and times), then select your course. The credit hours for a course are listed next to the course name. You may click on any of the Live topic categories to see those specific courses (e.g. Medical Errors / Patient Safety, Infection Control, Ethics). Whether you are taking Live or Real-Time Live Broadcast courses, at this point you may choose a course.
  3. If you have not yet purchased the course, the Live courses will be in a white box and you will see View This Course below the course name (for Real-Time Live Broadcast courses, click the course name). Click this link or the course name to view the course and objectives. Click Purchase This Course to purchase and enroll in the course. Once you have paid, go to the Account > Courses menu, click on Start This Course next to the course name, and click on Lesson 1 Instructions: Start This Lesson to begin (from 6:00 AM-11:30 PM Central Time for Live courses).
  4. If you have purchased a course or enrolled in an Annual CEU Subscription, the course will be in a black box on the CEUs > Live CEUs page. It will be one of your enrolled courses on the Account > Courses page. Click the course name and when the course page loads,  click on Lesson 1: Start This Lesson to begin (from 6:00 AM-11:30 PM Central Time for Live courses). If you are using a tablet, put it in landscape mode (sideways). When using portrait mode (vertical) the play button on the videos may not show up. Please note Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and our website will not work properly using that browser.
  5. Our Live courses are open from 6:00 AM-11:30 PM Central Time. These are the times our instructors are available. You will not be able to take any lessons prior to or after those times - you will instead see a course page showing the dates and times our Live courses are open. If you leave a course in progress and wish to return to it later, find it on the Account > Courses page and click on "Continue" to the right of the course name. Your progress up-to-date will be indicated on incomplete courses. Incomplete/not started courses will have a gray circle beside the course name.
  6.  When you take our Live courses, on each lesson page there is a grayed out "MARK COMPLETE" button below the presentation. After you watch the entire lesson video it becomes green. Click on any Required Link(s) prior to moving to the next lesson. Click the green MARK COMPLETE button to move to the next lesson. All the lessons leading up to the evaluation must be marked complete. If you use the course outline to navigate between lessons, you will see "Please go back and complete the previous lesson" when you click on the evaluation. Remedy: return to lesson 1 and click the MARK COMPLETE button. After lesson 2 automatically loads, click the button again, and so on until you reach the evaluation.
  7.  If you have any questions regarding content, you may email the course instructor by clicking on the "CONTACT INSTRUCTOR" button on the right side of the page. Below this is a link to report a bug or technical difficulty. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page on the Support menu for answers to common questions.
  8. Once you have completed all the material, the last lesson is a course evaluation. Complete the evaluation and click the SUBMIT button.
  9. After clicking the SUBMIT button on the course evaluation page, you will be returned to the Account > Courses page. Find the course you just took in the Completed Courses section (it will have a check mark inside a green circle) and click on "Print Your Certificate" to the right of the course name. You may print your certificate and/or save it to your computer, USB drive, the cloud, or whatever electronic means of storage you prefer.
  10. If you participate in one of our Real Time Live Broadcast (Interactive Webinar) courses, be aware the evaluation link will remain open for thirty (30) minutes following the broadcast. You must complete the evaluation during this time frame to obtain a certificate for the class. However, be assured we will assist all paid attendees so they may obtain their certificates.