Real-Time Live Broadcast

  • All of our Real-Time Live Broadcasts are Interactive Webinars, approved by the AARC, and cost $10 per credit hour to attend.
  • To receive credit for the webinar, you must purchase the course.
  • Click on the course title in the Broadcast Schedule below to purchase and/or begin the individual course.

The evaluation link will remain open for one (1) hour following the broadcast. If you fail to complete the evaluation during this time frame, you will not be able to obtain a certificate for the course.

Real-Time Live Broadcast Schedule

10/2/20 Preventing Medical Errors Part 1 1.0 0900 PDT
1100 CDT
1200 EDT
11/6/20 Bioterrorist Threats 1.0 0900 PDT
1100 CDT
1200 EDT
11/9/20 HIV/AIDS Overview 1.0 1800 PDT
2000 CDT
2100 EDT
12/4/20 Respiratory Care for the Geriatric Patient 1.0 0900 PDT
1100 CDT
1200 EDT
1/8/21 Assessment of Oxygenation 1.5 0900 PDT
1100 CDT
1200 EDT
2/5/21 CO2 and Acid-Base Balance 1.0 0900 PDT
1100 CDT
1200 EDT

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