Noninvasive Ventilation Self-Directed

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Course Objectives:

  1. Explain the rationale for noninvasive ventilation
  2. Describe the effects, indications, advantages, disadvantages, & complications associated with negative pressure ventilation
  3. Describe the operation of specific negative pressure ventilators
  4. Describe the modes, effects, complications, indications, & contraindications associated with noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation (NPPV)
  5. Describe the evidence basis for NPPV for selected conditions
  6. Compare the interfaces used in NPPV with respect to their indications, advantages, & limitations
  7. Describe the issues pertaining to types of NPPV circuits & humidification systems
  8. Compare the ventilator types & modes applied to NPPV with respect to their advantages & disadvantages
  9. Describe techniques for ventilator control adjustments for NPPV
  10. Discuss clinical issues pertaining to NPPV, including aerosol delivery, heliox, clinical sites, & end-of-life care

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