Current Issues in Airway Pharmacology Live Broadcast

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Course Objectives:

1. Explain the actions, effects, indications, & contraindications for the following types of respiratory medications:

  • Bronchodilators
  • Corticosteroids
  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Mucokinetic agents
  • Selected miscellaneous agents

2. Given the necessary clinical information, recommend appropriate respiratory medications & dosages

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View a picture of anisocoria

View another picture of anisocoria

Information on PDE4 inhibition

Illustration of asthmatic airways

Abstract on ICS, COPD, & pneumonia

Schematic of leukotriene antagonist action

Abstract on Pulmozyme effectiveness

Abstract on Pulmozyme & bronchiectasis

Abstract on
hypertonic saline & cystic fibrosis

Abstract on hypertonic saline & bronchiolitis

Abstract on hypertonic saline & bronchiectasis

Abstract on n-acetylcysteine & COPD

Adverse effect of n-acetylcysteine

Abstract on polymorphism & bronchodilator response

Abstract on albuterol & edema

Abstract on albuterol & ALI

Article on hyperkalemia

Abstract of meta-analysis of comparisons of indacaterol & tiotropium

Article on inhaled anticholinergics & adverse cardiovascular events

Article on PDE4 inhibition

Article on bronchodilators & ventilation

Article on MDI vs. nebulizers during CMV

Article on FENO & asthma

Information on biology & chemistry of leukotrienes

Guidelines on omalizumab for asthma

Abstract on efficacy of omalizumab

Xolair website

Abstract on inhaled MgSO4 & asthma

2nd abstract on inhaled MgSO4 & asthma

Article on nebulized lidocaine & asthma

Article on lidocaine & cough

Article on opioids for dyspnea in COPD

Article on furosemide for dyspnea

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