The Persing Review: TMC Exam Home Workshop

Our Belief

The Persing Review believes that the best way to prepare for the NBRC credentialing exams is by practicing exam questions and discussing the materials related to each question. This workshop is very detailed and reviews material from all content areas of the NBRC TMC (Therapist Multiple Choice) Exam Content Outline. 

What's Included?

  • 10 different exams, each containing 10-30 questions totaling 200 NBRC style questions, updated to the new 2020 exam content.
  • Detailed audio explanations ranging from 2 to 10 minutes for every single question.
  • A 115 page exam review study guide containing test-taking tips, math shortcuts, ABG interpretation, ventilator management, patient assessment, home oxygen therapy - and plenty of other topics related to respiratory therapy.

         Not included with our Annual CEU Subscription.

Audio Based Learning
Over 8 hours of detailed audio explanations for every single question on the 10 practice tests.

You've already spent enough on your education - don't spend even more on overpriced review courses. At only $125, The Persing Review gives you the most value for your money.

You don't have to leave your house to get a workshop style experience. The Persing Review can be taken from your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

What people are saying about Gary Persing's TMC Review

Taking the practice tests was effective. It was good to see how the NBRC may word their questions and learning what the NBRC wants as opposed to what we were taught. I had previously attended another review program - this was a much more detailed process. I enjoyed it a lot.

I just want to say that you were 100x better and more detailed than the other review program that I attended! I seriously wasted my money with them! I wish I would have known about your workshop before I graduated. I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I just wanted to thank Gary for doing what he does. I would have never passed my exams if it wasn't for him. I recently attended his seminar at the school I graduated from. Two weeks after the seminar, I took the RRT and passed it. I am very satisfied with his knowledge in Respiratory Care. Not only did I pass the RRT, but scored really high on the exam with all the steps he told me to take at the seminar. It was his book and seminar that made it possible for me to pass my exam.

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