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  • Don’t feel like you have to study the night before, or wake up at 5 AM to get that last minute of studying in. Get that preparation in during the two to three weeks prior to the test.
  • Eat a good dinner and avoid alcohol the night before.
  • Caffeine can give you nervous energy, which you may not need in addition to the adrenaline your body already gives you to take the test.
  • If you prepare and study properly, you’ll go in with a little bit of anxiousness but once you start getting into the test, you’ll probably calm down.
  • You will hit points in the test where you don’t know the answers – make educated guesses.
  • There’s not a lot of math on the exam – don’t spend too much time memorizing the equations.
  • There are four versions of the exam – not everyone takes the same exact exam.