Topic Progress:

Audio Summary:

  • 94 correct answers allows you to go take the Clinical Simulation (clin sims) exam.
  • On the detailed content outline, you’ll see it talks about recall, application and analysis – the cognitive level of questions.
  • Recall questions are basically memorization questions – your ability to recall a number or fact. For example, which of these oxygen delivery devices is a high-flow device?
  • 31 questions are recall.
  • 61 questions are application questions – the ability to comprehend or apply knowledge to new or changing situations.
  • There are 48 analysis questions – these are typically 3 to 4 sentences long. It’s kind of like a mini clin sim.
  • There is a 4 hour time limit on the clin sim exam.
  • You should be trying to complete approximately 6 questions per hours.
  • Two sections of clin sims: information gathering and then decision making.
  • You can lose points if you choose assessments that are expensive or painful.
  • “Done” could be either positive or negative.