Keith Varnes


Keith Varnes, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, AE-C, is the company founder, President, and chief visionary of Respiratory Associates. He creates content for live and self-directed continuing education courses. He has been in the respiratory field since 1983 enjoying a diverse career including DME, software development, agency staffing, and working at a level 1 trauma center.

Infection Control for Respiratory Care

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Current Issues in Airway Pharmacology Live Broadcast

Describe the current status of research on the actions, effects, indications and contraindications for bronchodilating agents, mucokinetic agents and anti-inflammatory agents.

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Pathophysiology of Asthma Live Broadcast

  1. Identify common physiologic findings related to asthma
  2. Describe common asthma triggers
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Classification & Management of Asthma

The last lesson is the course evaluation. To print certificates: Once all of the lessons are completed you can return…

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PALS Primer Live Broadcast

AARC approved live broadcast CEU event – with instant certificates! This course is approved for 1 hour.

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Advanced Assessment Techniques Live Broadcast

  • Describe procedures for monitoring pulmonary mechanics and determining optimal PEEP.
  • Interpret common ventilator wave form abnormalities.
  • Explain the significance of end-tidal CO2 measurements and wave forms.
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Weaning Adults from Mechanical Ventilation Live Broadcast

1) Discuss issues related to readiness for weaning from mechanical ventilation

2) Compare ventilator weaning strategies

3) Describe underlying causes for failure to wean from ventilation

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Difficult Airway Management Live Broadcast

1) Identify conditions that predispose to difficult airway access & mask ventilation
2) Describe & compare special devices & techniques for airway access & management

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Lung Protective Strategies Live Broadcast

Learning Objectives:

1) Explain the pathogenesis of ventilator-induced lung injury.
2) Explain the rationale and implementation of strategies applied during mechanical ventilation to ensure gas transport, while minimizing ventilator-induced lung injury.

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Bioterrorist Threats Live Broadcast

Learning Objective:

Describe the etiology, manifestations, management, & safety precautions related to likely bioterrorist threats.

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Medical Laboratory Assessment Live Broadcast

  1. Recognize normal value ranges for common hematology tests.
  2. Explain the implications of abnormal values from common hematology tests.
  3. Recognize normal value ranges for common blood chemistry tests.
  4. Explain the implications of abnormal values from common blood chemistry tests.
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Shock, Fluid, & Buffer Therapy Live Broadcast

Learning Objectives:

1) Explain the etiologies, manifestations, & management of shock.
2) Describe specific agents used to maintain blood pressure, fluid balance, & pH, along with their actions, effects & complications.

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