Instructional Skills for Healthcare Professionals E-Book


A PDF Textbook on Basic Teaching Skills for Healthcare Practitioners and Students

Instructional skills are essential to practice in all healthcare professions. Accordingly, the author believes that all practitioners should have some assistance in developing those skills. This is a manual that is intended to support learning about instruction. It is not intended as a scholarly work; it is written in plain language, so non-educators can understand the facts, concepts and principles herein. The content is practical in nature. Although much of the content is based on information learned in graduate level education courses, much of the basis also derives from over twenty years of teaching allied health students in various clinical and non-clinical settings. Mostly, good teaching comes from common sense and creativity, but there are many important and useful instructional skills that can be taught and learned.

This manual would useful as a text for a course in instruction in any educational program for healthcare professionals. Personnel in health care organizations, like hospitals, who have primary instructional responsibilities, also would find this manual useful. A syllabus for a course in instructional skills is included in the appendix of the book.

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