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$99.00 / year

This special Annual CEU Subscription gives you access to all of our CEU courses, currently over 100 hours available, for 365 days from purchase at a special price of $99. You will have unlimited access to our AARC approved Real-Time Live Broadcast CEUs, Recorded Live Credit CEUs, and Self-Directed CEUs (available 24/7), with no additional charge for a certificate. Your subscription will automatically renew each year unless you cancel the auto-renewal (add our email address [email protected] to your contacts so our renewal reminder email won’t be sent to your junk folder). Purchase of an Annual CEU Subscription signifies your acceptance of the annual renewal charge. If you do not cancel your subscription auto-renewal, you will get this deal for $99 per year (a $30 discount every year). The renewal price will never increase unless you cancel. Should you choose to cancel, you will have to renew at the then standard rate.

Our courses include categories like Asthma, Critical Care, Education, Ethics, General Respiratory Care, Infection Control, Laws & Rules, Medical Errors/Patient Safety, Neonatal/Pediatric, PFTs, & Sleep. We have Recorded Live Credit courses (15 hours of courses available every day). To meet the new AARC rules, our Recorded Live Credit CEU courses are Provider-Directed, which means each course will be available only when we schedule them for airing. We also offer Real-Time Live Broadcasts (Interactive Webinars) that are accepted as Live (traditional) in Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, & North Carolina (airing on specific dates & times). Our On Demand Self-Directed courses (available 24/7) qualify as non-traditional courses. This subscription does not include any of the exam prep courses offered on the RRT Exam Review menu.

If you are licensed in Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, &/or Tennessee please read the following:

Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, & North Carolina RCPs may obtain half their CEUs as traditional (Real-Time Live Broadcasts) & half as non-traditional (our Recorded Live Credit and Self-Directed courses).

Arizona RCPs may obtain their 5 traditional CEUs with our Real-Time Live Broadcasts & the remaining required CEUs as non-traditional (our Recorded Live Credit and Self-Directed courses).

Missouri requires a minimum of 12 CEU hours as traditional & allows up to 12 CEU hours as non-traditional for a total of 24 hours. Missouri only considers our Real-Time Live Broadcasts as traditional hours. You may obtain your 12 non-traditional CEU hours by using our Self-Directed (available 24/7) courses.

New Hampshire users can obtain all of their 24 required CEUs only by using our Real-Time Live Broadcasts.

Tennessee RCPs may not obtain their 5 traditional CEUs with our AARC approved live courses – they will instead be counted as non-traditional. By order of the Tennessee Board, any use of technology to communicate with the speaker will cause the course to be considered non-traditional (not live). Therefore Tennessee WILL NOT accept our Real-Time Live Broadcasts or Recorded Live Credit courses as live CEUs, even though they are approved as such by the AARC. For your 5 live CEUs they state you must be in the physical space with the speaker. You may instead obtain all of your 7 non-traditional CEU hours by using our Real-Time Live Broadcasts, Recorded Live Credit, or Self-Directed (available 24/7) courses.

This subscription offer comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Sign up, take one course, & if you aren’t satisfied simply request a refund. We will promptly process the refund & you’ll get to keep the certificate.

Check out our testimonials:

“First time taking one of your classes. This will be so nice keeping all my CEU’s in one place as I hold many different state licenses. Love they are AARC approved and can’t beat the subscription price! Thanks!” Brianne M. (Idaho)

“You’re the best! I tell all my co-workers to use you for CEUs. Thank you!” Greg Z. (Pennsylvania)

“Best source of CEUs you’ll ever find!” Pam T. (Texas)

“Many good examples of MG, ALS, & GB. Your courses always have extra info not found in articles & the info is presented very well.” Iris H. (North Carolina)

“Thank you for your service. It was the easiest on the Internet.” Donald D. (Kansas)

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