Step 1: Register (check your email to complete). We have noticed that Hotmail destroys our registration email; you don’t get it and it doesn’t bounce back at us. We suggest using a different account like or we can manually activate your account.
Step 2: Login
Live Courses
Step 3: View the Course Schedule to see when the courses are open and which instructor is answering questions.
Step 4: Go to Live Courses page; if desired filter for a sub-category, e.g Patient Safety.
Step 5: Select a course. Click the Take This Course button to pay and enroll in the course. If you purchased an All Access Pass then you will not see this button and may start the course by clicking on the first lesson.

Step 6: Go back to the course and start Lesson 1 by clicking on it (the Take This Course button should no longer be seen) .
Step 7: When you have finished a lesson, the timer at the bottom of the screen is at zero, click the “Mark Complete” button.
Step 8: You may email the course instructor any questions by clicking the button on the upper right on the course page.
Step 9: The evaluation has a 3-step submission process. Fill out the information, click SUBMIT, then click MARK COMPLETE.
Step 10: Once all of the lessons are completed you will receive your certificate immediately. You may reprint your certificate by going to My Courses, click the course title, then click Print Your Certificate.


  • You can only reprint certificates during the hours the courses are open.
  • Live courses may only be taken during the posted times, but the system will save any completed lessons within a course should time expire. This allows you to finish another day.
  • If you are taking the courses while at a hospital and some of the lesson videos won’t play, it is probably because your facility is blocking YouTube. Ask if they have guest WiFi and use a device that logs into that instead of the main hospital network.

Self-Directed Courses
Self-Directed courses may be taken at any time, but you must pass the post-test. Even though there is no timer for self-directed courses, you still need to mark each lesson as complete. After completing the lessons & post-test you will receive your certificate immediately. To reprint a self-directed certificate go to My Courses, click the arrow to the left of the course name, then click the certificate icon.