Difficult Airway Management Live Broadcast


Course Objectives:

1. Identify conditions that predispose to difficult airway access & mask ventilation
2. Describe & compare special devices & techniques for airway access & management


This live broadcast is scheduled for Friday, March 12, 2021 at 1100 Central Time.

The broadcast link will become available 30 minutes before showtime. Return to the Real-Time Live Broadcast page and click the blue button labeled CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MEETING.

The evaluation will be available after the broadcast ends and is located at the bottom of this page, below the helpful links. You must return to this page and fill it out immediately. Contact us if you experience any difficulties accessing the evaluation.

Certificates are awarded upon completion of the evaluation and are located on the Account > Courses page.

Temporomandibular joint

Palm test

Difficult airway cart

Bullard laryngoscope

Bullard Video

McGrath™ products & videos

Video of Intubation with McGrath


Verathon Glidescope™

Copilot VL™

Video of LMA insertion

Article that includes Julie Andrews

Video of Combitube insertion

Video of Bougie use

Video of Trachlight use

Rusch Trachlight™

Aaron Surch-Lite™

Intubation kit available from Cook Critical Care

Video of Retrograde Wire Intubation

Video of Needle Cricothyrotomy

Portex™ colorimetric indicator

Mercury™ colorimetric indicator

Various capnometer brands

BCIC Capnocheck™

Exhaled CO2 & resuscitation

Arndt Airway exchange catheter