Assessment of Oxygenation Live Broadcast


Course Objectives:

  1. Explain the physiological requirements for adequate tissue oxygenation
  2. Interpret values for all parameters pertaining to tissue oxygenation
  3. Discriminate between hypoxemic & non-hypoxemic hypoxia
  4. Given clinical data, evaluate status of oxygenation
  5. Explain the rationale, compensatory mechanisms, & precautions associated with permissive hypoxemia



Do not purchase this course – it is not currently scheduled for a live broadcast. It is available to view so that previous participants may reprint their certificates.

If you miss the live broadcast, you may move your credit to another live broadcast or recorded course, or cancel for a refund.

The broadcast link will become available 30 minutes before showtime. Return to the Real-Time Live Broadcast page and click the blue button labeled CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MEETING.

The evaluation will be available after the broadcast ends. You must return to this page and fill it out immediately. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to complete the evaluation.

Certificates are awarded upon completion of the evaluation and are located on the Account > Courses page.

Required links:

Oxygen cascade

Shunt calculator

OI calculator

Abstract on OI applied to adults

Article on lack of benefit for PA catheters

FYI Optional links:

Article about permissive hypoxemia

Second article about permissive hypoxemia

Article on HIV & lactic acidemia

Article on blood lactate in critical illness

More information and illustrations of pulse oximetry

AARC pulse oximetry CPG

Masimo Rainbow

More information on PVI

Oxygenation Algorithm