Recorded Live Credit Courses Schedule A

To meet the new AARC rules, each Recorded Live Credit course will be available only on the posted days and times. Each day of the week you will have access to 15 hours of CEUs. Future course dates and times are listed below today's course schedule and on the CEUs > Upcoming Recorded Live Credit Courses menu. Each course is repeated at least once every 10 days and remains open an additional 30 minutes to allow completion flexibility. If it isn't listed below, click here to locate your course on one or more of our 10 schedules (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J). Click here for our FAQ.

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All times listed are Daylight Savings Time. AZ users remain on Mountain Standard Time, therefore they should use the Pacific Time listed for each course.

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Course Schedule A - August 26, 2022 (Friday)

Purchase Assessment of
the Neonate

1.0 Hour
0700 Eastern
0600 Central
0500 Mountain
0400 Pacific
0830 Eastern
0730 Central
0630 Mountain
0530 Pacific
Purchase Ethics:
End-of-Life Issues

1.0 Hour
0800 Eastern
0700 Central
0600 Mountain
0500 Pacific
0930 Eastern
0830 Central
0730 Mountain
0630 Pacific
Enroll Free Hemoglobin Abnormalities
1.0 Hour
(Clinical Practice)
0900 Eastern
0800 Central
0700 Mountain
0600 Pacific
1030 Eastern
0930 Central
0830 Mountain
0730 Pacific
Purchase ACLS Primer
1.0 Hour
(Adult Acute Care)
1000 Eastern
0900 Central
0800 Mountain
0700 Pacific
1130 Eastern
1030 Central
0930 Mountain
0830 Pacific
Purchase Classification & Management
of Asthma

1.0 Hour
(Clinical Practice)
1100 Eastern
1000 Central
0900 Mountain
0800 Pacific
1230 Eastern
1130 Central
1030 Mountain
0930 Pacific
Purchase Bioterrorist Threats: Sources,
Recognition, & Safety

1.0 Hour (Bioterrorism and
Emergency Preparedness)
1200 Eastern
1100 Central
1000 Mountain
0900 Pacific
1330 Eastern
1230 Central
1130 Mountain
1030 Pacific
Purchase Difficult Airway

1.0 Hour
(Adult Acute Care)
1300 Eastern
1200 Central
1100 Mountain
1000 Pacific
1430 Eastern
1330 Central
1230 Mountain
1130 Pacific
Purchase Evidence-Based Practice:
What are the Ethics?

1.0 Hour
1400 Eastern
1300 Central
1200 Mountain
1100 Pacific
1530 Eastern
1430 Central
1330 Mountain
1230 Pacific
Purchase Pulmonary Function Testing
Part One

1.5 Hours
(Pulmonary Function)
1500 Eastern
1400 Central
1300 Mountain
1200 Pacific
1700 Eastern
1600 Central
1500 Mountain
1400 Pacific
Purchase Pulmonary Function Testing
Part Two

2.0 Hours
(Pulmonary Function)
1630 Eastern
1530 Central
1430 Mountain
1330 Pacific
1900 Eastern
1800 Central
1700 Mountain
1600 Pacific
Purchase Acid-Base &
CO2 Balance

1.0 Hour
(Clinical Practice)
1830 Eastern
1730 Central
1630 Mountain
1530 Pacific
2000 Eastern
1900 Central
1800 Mountain
1700 Pacific
Purchase Assessment of

1.5 Hours
(Clinical Practice)
1930 Eastern
1830 Central
1730 Mountain
1630 Pacific
2130 Eastern
2030 Central
1930 Mountain
1830 Pacific
Purchase Alternative Approaches to
Asthma Management

1.0 Hour
(Clinical Practice)
2100 Eastern
2000 Central
1900 Mountain
1800 Pacific
2230 Eastern
2130 Central
2030 Mountain
1930 Pacific

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