Real-Time Live Broadcasts

Certain states do not accept pre-recorded with live credit classes as ‘live’ credits, even though they are approved as live by the AARC. These states require you to attend in person or real-time live broadcast seminars to satisfy your live credits. We offer these real-time live broadcasts in the form of live stream webinars with a chat function so you are able to communicate directly with the instructor and ask questions as needed.

Upcoming Real-Time Live Broadcast Course (Central Time):

  • Friday, April 19, 2019- 1100 and 1400
    • ACLS Primer – 1 Live Credit Hour – Enroll HereCourse Link – Broadcast Link (Note: Clicking on the Broadcast link and joining does not enroll you in the class. To receive a certificate, you still must purchase the course and fill out an evaluation at the end.)