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Welcome, simply choose the type of course you want, Live or Self-Directed, choose a course and on the check-out screen enter the discount code Free10. Unless the course costs more than $10, or you purchase additional courses, we will not need any billing information. The discount may only be used once per person. Please do not create multiple accounts – these will be deleted and the CEUs voided.

Our CEU courses are AARC approved and accepted throughout the United States. The live courses are approved just as if you are in the room with us and no tests are required. However, you must take them during the times posted on the Course Schedule. Self-directed courses may be taken anytime, but require you to pass a post-test.

Special Offer:
If you like our courses and want to save money, consider buying an Annual CEU Subscription. This allows you to take an unlimited number of CEU courses, both live and self-directed, for 1 year for $129 – on sale now for $99. Simply use the discount code Super99.

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