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Audio Summary:

  • When we used to have the CRT exam, there were 29 equipment questions, while the RRT exam only had 12.
  • The TMC exam is a combined CRT and RRT exam.
  • Now, there are only 20 equipment questions out of the 160 on the exam.
  • Only 140 questions actually count towards your score. There are 20 questions that have no effect on your grade. You will not know which questions these are. They evaluate these 20 questions to see how students perform on them, and they can tell by responses whether it is a good question or not.
  • The last and biggest part of the test is roman numeral III, Initiation and Modification of Interventions. There are 65 of these questions.
  • This covers all the different types of tubes, airway management, ventilator and oxygen management, specialty gases, evidence based principles, and more.
  • All 10 tests will tell you what content area the questions will cover.
  • You have a three hour time limit to take this exam. You’re given a little over a minute per question. You should keep an eye on the clock to make sure you’re on track. It is very important that you pace yourself.
  • You should be right around question 60 at the end of the first hour.
  • Taking practice exams can help you evaluate how much time you need, and whether you would finish the test on time.
  • Not finishing the exam is the easiest way to fail the test. It’s easy to get hung up on the questions, and that will get you behind. You can bookmark questions on the computer or on your scratch paper if you need to go back to a question.
  • Don’t leave questions blank – that way if you do run out of time, you at least have a chance to get it right.
  • In order to be able to take the clinical simulations (clin sims), you must score 94 correct answers out of the 140 questions on this TMC exam. This gives you your CRT, and then you can go on to do the clin sims to get your RRT.
  • If you get at least 88 but less than 94 questions correct, you get your CRT but it does not allow you to go take the sims. You’d have to retake this test to become eligible to take the clin sims.