Emergency Preparedness for Mass Casualty Events SD


Course Objectives:

Learning Objectives:

1) Identify infections capable of causing mass casualties & describe their etiologies, manifestations, diagnosis, management & prevention

2) Describe strategies & devices to prevent communication of infections to caregivers, patients & the environment

3) Identify chemical agents capable of causing mass casualties & describe their likely sources, effects, manifestations & management of chemically contaminated patients

4) Identify the sources of mass casualty radiation events & describe the effects, manifestations & management of radiation injuries

5) Identify sources of blast injuries & describe the types of injuries, their manifestations & their management

6) Describe major types of natural disasters, their associated types of injuries, their manifestations & management

7) Discuss problems associated with healthcare delivery in natural disasters, including those associated with transportation & destruction of physical facilities

8) Distinguish among conventional, contingency, crisis modes within a healthcare facility with respect to space, staffing, equipment & supplies

9) Describe preparations & response strategies for mass casualty situations with respect to respiratory care equipment & supplies, including oxygen & mechanical ventilators